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Welcome to Rensselaer County, a place to build a business, put down roots and enjoy a rare quality of life! Located in the heart of New York's Capital Region - an area JP Morgan cites as one of the fastest expanding metros in the state - Rensselaer County is energized by its dynamic nature.

Our diversity speaks for itself: entrepreneurs and corporate executives, small businesses and global companies, world class educational institutions and brimming apple orchards, architectural skylines and wide-open spaces. With easy proximity to Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Hartford, Montreal and much more, Rensselaer County is connected to everywhere you want to go.

As one of New York's oldest counties, Rensselaer County has a population of approximately 155,300 residing over 665 beautifully picturesque square miles. The quality of life as portrayed in our 14 towns, six villages, and two cities is a mix of New England independence and close-knit communities. The county seat in Troy is known as the "Collar City", the home of "Uncle Sam," and is home to some of the nation's finest Victorian architecture. Just minutes from our bustling cities is unspoiled countryside, including national historic landmarks and wonderful farms boasting agri-tourism and rural attractions.

Rensselaer County is an excellent place to live, to work, shop, raise a family and especially start or expand a business. The economic, educational, and recreational opportunities to be found in our county are unrivaled. In fact, the Tech Valley region is one of the fastest-expanding metro areas in the U.S. with an employment outlook that consistently surpasses national averages. The area has also been ranked 2nd in the nation on Richard Florida's Creativity Index, a measure of a community's arts, culture and creative professions. Rensselaer County belongs to a region that boasts an unmatched combination of travel access, skilled labor, intellectual capital and recreational enjoyment.

Top off all of these attributes with a blend of rural and hi-tech influences, and you've found a county that is truly appealing. Once you come to Rensselaer County, you'll never want to leave!


ยป Note: A complete listing of Chamber members specializing in relocation services can be found by searching the Chamber's Business Directory. A full list of Rensselaer County Municipalities is also available, including contact information, regulations and hours of operation.