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Newsletter Inserts & Spotlights

One (1) Newsletter Spotlight is available for purchase each month as an opportunity to market your business. Reserve your Spotlight and our Newsletter Editor Doreen will contact you for an interview to highlight everything your business has to offer. The Spotlight is an article within our monthly newsletter.

Monthly newsletter inserts provide a cost-effective way to advertise your business and reach nearly 2,600 Chamber members and their employees at a fraction of the cost of a newspaper ad. You provide us with the inserts and we take care of the rest, saving you hundreds of dollars in postage costs alone! We also request you send a PDF of your insert to be included with our newsletter on our website and in our weekly e-newsletters for members to download.

"The Chamber's newsletter inserts make things happen! The inserts have provided Literacy Volunteers with a vehicle to advertise our annual "Literacy Run" as we recruit runners,and recognize our sponsors. As we solicit our sponsors, we tell them they'll be listed in our Chamber newsletter insert which adds value to their sponsorship. We also have successfully used the insert to recruit volunteers and make more people aware of our programs. Each time we do an insert in the Chamber newsletter, we experience and increase in telephone calls requesting information and/or wanting to volunteer." - Judy Smith, Executive Director, Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County

By planning now, you can reserve your insert space for specific newsletter editions. Whether you're a CPA firm that wants an extra edge at tax time, or a business that has a great special event coming up, Chamber newsletter inserts are the answer. You can customize your inserts to announce product highlights, retail specials, coupons, company news, employment opportunities and more. Also, with a monthly "pass-on rate" of more than 6,000, newsletter inserts could be one of the most valuable advertising opportunities available!

ยป For more information, contact the Chamber's Membership Manager at 518.687-1244 to reserve yours today!